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FlexJS Mobile

Recently, Peter put together a FlexJS app that did a relatively simple thing: it took a picture with a device’s camera and displayed it in the app.  What was cool about it is that it proved we can lightly wrap Apache Cordova plug-ins and use them in FlexJS apps.  Cordova looks like it can be the platform abstraction layer for FlexJS allowing you to create mobile apps in MXML and ActionScript that run in many more mobile devices than just Android and IOS.  The potential upside is that use of MXML and ActionScript will make you more productive than writing code in JavaScript.

Over the last couple of days I adjusted the compiler to smooth out the workflow a bit, improved the AS emulation of the Cordova Camera plugin and got it working on my phone.  It will be part of my presentation and demo at the 360|Flex conference next week.  There’s still spots available if you can get to San Jose and see it in person.

You can try it yourself if you want.  It is the CordovaCameraExample in the flex-asjs repo.  We’ll ship it in a FlexJS 0.0.2 release shortly.