FlexJS Web Seminar Wednesday October 23

The folks who run the 360|Stack Conference (formerly 360|Flex Conference)
have asked me to do a free web seminar on FlexJS this Wednesday, October 23.
See the invite at here.  I plan to cover what FlexJS is, show the latest
demo, and look under the hood at how it works.
Hope you see you online!

FlexJS: Flex for HTML/JS/CSS

In case you haven’t been following the activity over at Apache Flex, several of us have been working on something we’re calling FlexJS, which is a version of Flex that will cross-compile MXML and ActionScript 3 to HTML/JS/CSS so it can run natively in the browser without Flash and potentially as PhoneGap/Cordova mobile applications.

The latest writeup is here.

You can follow progress on FlexJS by subscribing to the Apache Flex “Development” mailing list by following these instructions or by monitoring the Nabble forum.  There’s a lot of traffic on this list or forum, but FlexJS-related emails will be prefixed with “[FlexJS]” if you want to filter for it.

Alex’s Flex Closet Lives On!

I finally got around to reviving my blog and start writing about Flex again.  My old blog still exists over at http://blogs.adobe.com/aharui.  Maybe I’ll migrate the old posts someday.

As you hopefully know, Flex is continuing to be developed at the Apache Software Foundation.  We call it Apache Flex these days to differentiate it from Adobe Flex.

Follow this blog for my thoughts on some cool new developments with Apache Flex.